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Tony Blair’s Hooligan Fashion Faux Pas ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on September 17, 2004

Tony Blair’s decision to dress in the soccer hooligan designer label of choice Burberry backfired this week, when the firm reportedly stopped producing their baseball caps to distance themselves from ‘designer yobs’.

Britain’s notorious war-loving PM was spotted wearing Burberry on his recent vacation with Italian nationalist Silvio Berlusconi just days before Leicester pub chain the Barracuda Group banned all Burberry items from their bars.

“Well known football hooligans have a dress code,” top soccer violence cop PC Karen Holdridge explained in the Guardian. “These people are recognised as coming into the city, day in day out and causing trouble.”

Blair’s wellknown penchant for dressing like a violent thug came into the spotlight last week too, when top anthropologist Richard Dawkins published a report on the PM’s curious gait.

“Several commentators have noticed that, especially when in his company, he imitates Bush’s macho ‘cowboy swagger’ with arms held out to the sides as though ready to reach for two pistols,” said Mr Dawkins.

“The same element of imitation may account for Blair’s reported penchant for wearing cowboy boots in private.”,,2087-1247532,00.html (‘Experts believe Blair follows Bush’s lead when they are together. Chantal Gosselin, a behavioural psychologist, said: “Role models are very powerful. You see the same swagger in teenage boys . . .”) (‘Does Tony Blair have a tattoo on his pert little bottom?)

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