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Reported by Trackitdown TID on September 17, 2004

“I won’t stay in any hotel unless it’s got football or access to the games. It’s part of being English. I’m proud of being English.” (Mixmag)

Englishman-in-LA superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold insists he remains in touch with his roots.

“It’s got to the point that people are looking back to move forward. We need to have fun in the present but music is here today because of the music that went before, so if we don’t play yesterday’s music, we will never move on to tomorrow.” (Big Issue)

Laurent Garnier explains why he’s spinning more and more oldies.

“I’m about respect from the street. If I walk down the road and someone says ‘I like the beats you wrote on the track’, that’s more value than someone screaming ‘Wow, there’s Liam.” (Mixmag)

The Prodigy mainman Liam Howlett insists he’s keeping it real. 

“Men like to play it too cool and all the woman sees is someone who is cool. Let the woman know you like her. That sounds obvious but isn’t always done.” (Metro)

Anthropologist/ Naked Ape author Desmond Morris urges men on dates to express their attraction more.

“Editor Conor McNicholas started out in journalism writing an astrology column for a Manchester student newspaper. He knows ‘absolutely fuck all’ about astrology.” (NME)

NME’s Awesome Rock fact 817 (out of 1,000) reveals that renowned Muzik ‘expert’ Conor McNicholas started his career as he meant to continue.

"This is what my heroes Debussy, Stravinsky and the like were looking for. Technology-based music is the only idiom that packs such infinite sonic possibilities.” (Xtreme Television)

Brian BT Transeau gets ecstatic about the Grammys new category for ‘Best Electronic/Dance Album’.

“Year ago he put his arm around me and said, ‘Don’t ever touch heroin because my life’s been a blur since I was 13’. And I never did. Don’t matter how tough you are, class A’s take you out, man.” (Big Issue)

Ex Stone Roses mainman Ian Brown recalls key advice he received from Happy Mondays’ singer Shaun Ryder.

“I have worn make-up for years, yet I still have to buy it all.” (Metro)

Boy George complains about not rival stars getting free cosmetics.

“It was the ultimate gig because there was a wall between me and the audience.” (Standard)

Notoriously reticent Pet Shop Boy Chris Lowe admits he particularly enjoyed last weekend’s Battleship Potemkin performance in Trafalgar Square.

“Fashion is always slightly ahead of the curve culturally and people are tiring of celebrities. Reality TV and the internet have cheapened being a ‘celebrity’.”

American Vogue editor / top tastemaker Anna Wintour declares celebrity is dead (Sunday Times)