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Alaska & Chicago Chill Out On Cannabis ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on September 25, 2004

Alaska’s Supreme Court upheld the right of locals to possess up to 4 ounces of pot this week as Chicago’s Mayor Daley proposed introducing a ticketing fine style system for people busted in Illinois.

The Alaskan court ruled that a 1990 referendum outlawing any pot possession couldn’t overturn rights first granted in 1975, prompting a delighted response from civil rights lawyer Bill Satterberg.

"People don't realize the purpose of the court is to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority," Mr Satterberg told the Associated Press. "I'm glad to see the court not succumb to political pressure."

Local anti-drug officials vowed to continue challenging decriminalisation though the greatest pressure is likely to come from Federal authorities whether George Bush or John Kerry is elected. While President Bush recently ordered America’s drug agencies to switch resources from fighting cocaine and heroin to marijuana, Mr Kerry plans to install ‘seasoned drug warrior’ Rand Beers as his Head of Homeland Security if elected.

 In fact, only independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader supports decriminalisation, reflecting his still marginalised libertarian and anti-corporation beliefs.

“The drug war has failed – we spend nearly $50 billion annually on the drug war and problems related to drug abuse continue to worsen,” he says on his campaign website.

“It is time to bring some illegal drugs within the law by regulating, taxing and controlling them. Ending the drug war will dramatically reduce street crime, violence and homicides related to underground drug dealing,” says Nader. (US presidential candidate Ralph Nader: ‘The Bush Administration and the Democratic Party, in varying extremes, are putting the interests of their corporate paymasters before the interests of the people. In the Nader Campaign the PEOPLE RULE . . .’) (An Initiative To Decriminalize and Regulate Cannabis)

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