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DJ Yousef: I Want to Go To University ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on November 5, 2004

Liverpool’s DJ Yousef chatted to Skrufff this week about his new compilation CD Circus Versus Chinuku and revealed that he’s seriously started thinking about going back to school.

“I just want a level of education that I missed out on, that’s all, I feel that I’ve studied life so much, I read a lot; a wide range of books, but I haven’t exercised my brain in an exam for example for ten or eleven years and I think it’s time I started exercising it,” he revealed.

“Don’t get me wrong, I run my club Circus and do the business side of my record label, it’s not as if my brain is like a dead weight, but on the other hand I just feel compelled,” he said.

The highly successful DJ said he’s thinking about attending local university John Moores as early as next year not least because of how well students are treated by locals in Liverpool.

“It’s kind of funny because the places where all the students live used to be probably one of the most scally (hooligan: slang Ed) lad un-affluent (poor) places in Liverpool but they all live together there quite happily,” said Yousef.

The Toxteth / Weybridge area, for example, is certainly the most cosmopolitan place in the whole of the city, it’s packed with students, and it was probably the most multicultural area before the students came in,” he said.

Circus Versus Chinuku, mixed by Yousef and Krafty Kuts, is out now on Carioca Records.

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