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Reported by Trackitdown TID on March 31, 2005

“What New York City mayor was peeved to see his picture on pro-marijuana ads, along with his quote: 'You bet I did. And I enjoyed it'?" (New York Post)

Puzzle game Trivial Pursuit celebrates the hypocrisy of puritanical billionaire turned Gotham City zealot Michael Bloomberg

“I’ve probably got two albums left in me. I’ve been talking to Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and been doing something with him. I’m thinking of putting him on my new album.” (Star Magazine, Malaysia)

Silver Screen (Shower Scene) producer Felix Da Housecat declares (again) that he’s ‘closed the door on electroclash’.

“Even now, there's not a fixed fee that I charge. It depends on factors including size of venue, distance travelled, day of the week, length of relationship with the promoter etc. It's therefore very difficult to put a figure on how much you should be charging, but if it's a main slot, the bare minimum as an unknown would be, say, a couple of hundred Pounds.” (

Judge Jules recommends £200 (US$380) as the bottom line DJ price.

He looks like Elizabeth Taylor hit by a truck. Does he know kids have nightmares about him?” (Mixmag)

Moby’s mean about Michael Jackson.

“His music isn't just dull, though. Like much of what Moby has produced since "Play," it's condescending, too. Much of it sounds like the work of a producer who thinks pop music is supposed to be kind of idiotic, and who thinks pop audiences should be glad that he deigns to give us what we want.” (New York Times)

While the New York Times is mean about Moby (and his new album Hotel).

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