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Reported by Trackitdown TID on April 21, 2005

"Over here the grime scene and the garage scene, that's very exciting, jungle's still going strong, and that's all exciting stuff - and that's kind of like 'young' music.. But, house music, like 'funky house', it's just so middle-aged." (3D World)

Basemen Jaxx producer Simon Ratcliffe continues to brand 'most' house music 'bollocks'.

 “There’s something brewing out there. It’s a new generation, and I’m trying to tap into it. I think they sort of know my name, but these kids don’t seem to want to party after 5 a.m.” (New York Blade)

55 year old house legend Junior Vasquez on New York’s new wave of clubbers.

Many of my contemporaries—John Digweed, Carl Cox—wear earplugs. I got some high-tech ones fitted recently but they haven't arrived yet. If I went deaf I'd be lost, I love music so much." (Village Voice)

Pete Tong reveals he’s only just getting round to looking after his hearing.

“The chief superintendent pulled me aside on the steps and just whispered in my ear, ‘This is a political stitch-up’.” (DJ Magazine)

Spiral Tribe founder/ creative genius Mark recalls being taken to court on serious conspiracy charges for throwing massively popular free parties in the UK during the early 90s.

Because of this last name that I have nothing to do with, the western world hates me and because I’ve chosen American values, the Saudi Arabian world hates me.” (Sunday Times)

Jenna Bush’s party pal Wafah Bin Ladin admits her plans to become a pop star aren’t being helped by being related to estranged uncle Osama.

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