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RRT003 - On The Offshore - A Holiday: The Remixes

Compiled by riotriottechnique

On this beautifull EP


have collected their own stylish interpretations of "A Holiday" in one place.

"You Have Not, You've Never Been" is the September 2009 album release from On the Offshore. Singer-songwriter texts, electronic beats, and crafty pop, soul and jazz threads - an album that definitely deserves a few intense listens to fully scope the band's sound. One track from the album is "A Holiday".

James Holden and John Digweed both like to play his tracks - and no wonder:
//POPNONAME's// remix comes with a great, soft-swinging vibe that builds slowly to a trance explosion. It alternates between deep dreamscapes and intense dance-ability - it's your choice.

//JONAS BERING// is a well known resident at Kompakt which released his debut record in 2000.
Jonas Bering's remix tips its hat to vintage electro and immediately communicates a strong dancefloor purpose. The melodic arpeggiators transport his interpretation of A Holiday and drive you irresistibly to the dancefloor.

//DANIELA LA LUZ// started producing electronic music in 2007, and in April 2010 won the Qwartz 6 Electronic Music Award in Paris for innovation in the category dancefloor & clubbing.
Her remix tells the tale of A Holiday. A throbbing beat propels the touching soundscape, seeming to ask if the holiday is not eternal.

Behind //MOMENT MUSIK// are two brothers, both active in different genres, bringing their diverse musical background to play. Their techno-touched remix leads with a straight forward-spinning beat, wide chords and a deeply melodic sub-bass. On the dancefloor this translates to one step back and two steps forward.

//ON THE OFFSHORE// is Lucy Pereira (vocals), Girisha Fernando (bass), Bennie Rademann (guitar), Kilian B¸hler (drums), Deniz Khan (beats craftmanship).

ARTWORK: handmade seriegraph by John Doe Rüdiger