Marc Stan

Location: Paris, FR

Marc Stan (Markonny78) deals with music since his fourteenth year, he began a professional of his nineteen years! His career began as a common man to play in local clubs, where he was a resident. But realized that he could achieve more than just a release, he started to create music, mixes and productions, which they left a great impression on people in the clubs, which, thanks to his efforts and wishes he had made! For it is most important that each Dee Jay establish a connection between people and himself, and just thinking like their movements, and with it, creating and selecting songs and mix, which is the world's rhythm tracks, and to give them a reason why they will come again in clubs where is Marc Stan and the listen to his live performances, and his productions and mixes! Most show and prove its quality and LIVE RADIO SHOW THAT SHOWS each subsequent broadcast with more listeners! Simply and clearly, the music is his life! That feeling extends to all the people around him!