Naked Records

The idea of Naked Records started in 1996. But it began to become involved as late as in autumn 2007. The founder of the label was experienced dj and producer Luis aka Luis Lamborghini. Why ever „Naked“? It means that we want to present music plainly, raw, straight, simply „Naked“, as Luis says.
The main object of the label is to prove that there are quality producers in our country, and they deserve attention of the general public. You can get to „Naked“ thanks well-known and exclusive distributions (incl. Beatport) all over the world. The next pivotal activity, which is closely connected with label, is Naked Podcast which is released every month and is mixed by a DJ who suprised us or is engaged.
Naked Records is going to have 71 releases in December 2011. This upstanding label has gained its solid place at the Czech scene and it´s only up to you if it´s been rightly.





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