.shadybrain music is the logical consequence of our love for music and our view of the present music business. The market does not seem to give new talents a chance or build up real artists in a patient and proper way. According to a growing centralization of the music business this development will emerge in the future. Independent labels and artists are forced to find new paths to reach their audience and to promote and sell their music, what can often result in a great amount of difficulty and unaffordable costs. However, with the growth of the multimedial society and internet usage there are now new possibilities open to all labels, musicians and promoters , just waiting to be taken advantage of. Even small record companies now have the chance to present their releases to a huge audience without using the traditional route of pressworks, distributors, etc. .shadybrain offers its customers the chance to get hold of brand new and exclusive Drum`n Bass tunage produced by an international pool of artists on a pay per download basis since the year 2004, and has been the first Drum and Bass label to sell MP3s online. We are aware of internet-piracy but strongly believe that music lovers will see the need to support the label and its artists and to keep our music and our scene alive. Therefore we clearly state that 50% of the download fees will go directly to the artists themselves. Since 2007 we also release tunes on vinyl and continue to walk from strength to strength

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