Macky Mad House Rec

Macky Mad House Records, or better known as MMHR, was funded in Italy in september 2007.  Since then published 6 CDs, 5 compilations and one Artist solo project.  MMHR last release, before the recent (2013) Relaunch, was a VA in April 2010.  Now MMHR is relaunching only digitally and in May 2013 have been released two EPs, seems with great success, and releasing approx 2 EPs per month, or at least this is what is the main goal, on the short term.  In the medium term has much bigger goals; full albums and compilations.  A website is under construction at the time of writing.

Also the back catalogue, basically the 6 CDs, are still sold physically everywhere, and digitally the label needs outlet to sell its tracks of high quality.

Label still based in Italy, but with connections worldwide, producing international high calibre artists. These are the short and medium terms objectives of MMHR Relaunch Project; producing, selling high quality psychedelic Trance (Goa influenced), at different speeds; Darkish, Full On, but also Progressive, Chill Out and more experimental electronic tunes. 


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