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House (Call It Deep) - Original Mix

Motherland Music

House / Electro




Track Information:

Motherland Music return for 2017 with the another fast rising name from the South African house music scene, Enos Machete aka Afrika Capriccio. One of a group of talented, fearless young music makers that this label sees as the next generation of Afrohouse producers, Capriccio discovered his inner rhythm back in school days. Since then he says, his journey through music has been very personal. Music has carried him through tragedy, through growing up and ultimately inspired him to build and develop as a person. as it should. He's currently linked up with Jus Nativ - working on new music and has been performing live as a DJ alongside local heroes such as Afrikan Roots and Da Capo. His spirit and love for music. his music, appears very clear to us and we're proud to feature him on a Motherland Music release. House (Call It Deep) Originally Written, produced and mixed by Enos Machete (Africa Capriccio, SA) Mastered @ DM.Labs by D-Malice (UK) Motherland Music is a subsidiary of DM Recordings (UK) Labellicence info and A&R Jonny Miller Contact

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