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Melodies From Memories (DJ ni-21 Remix)

DJ NI-21

Tech Fu Recordings

Hard Dance (German Trance, Hard Dance, Tech Dance)



Featured Track:

TECH DANCE HEAVEN! The Tech Fu crew reach around the world to Japan and the vibes are multiplied. Incredible production to bring some fresh sounds to your set. More please!

Track Information:

Straight from the coasts of Japan comes the awesome new 4 track EP from ANKI & DJ NI-21! These boys know how to rock and it's no surprise with this well rounded package of tech madness!

"Melodies From Memories" - Remix from the second artist on the track, DJ NI-21, picks up the pace with his furious percussion patterns and drums. A remix with more of an aggressive nature and darker feel, this is perfect for when you want to kick it up a notch. Really cleverly worked drumming after the break and chopped up chords. Essential!

Massive list of supporting DJs include Proteus, Remo-Con, Louk, DJ Audy, Diablik, Neal Thomas, Andy Richmond, Nish, Rodi-Style, Re-Born, Dave Curtis, Ash Preston and more!

Proteus "BRILLIAAAAAAANT!!!!:D 10 points!!!"

Remo-con "fab! support!"

Diablik "STRONG! support"

Neal Thomas "Full support for my man in Japan NI-21!!"

Andy Richmond "OF course I'm supporting!"

DJ Audy "Japan is on fire! Love Melodies From Memories!"

Nish "Nice tracks!!! ;)"

Re-born "Very nice stuff, support ;)"

Louk "NI21 mix of stars for me, reminds me of picotto on a good day!"

Dave Curtis "some crazy ass tracks here!"

Ash Preston "all amazing productions... expect to see these in my sets :-)"

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