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The Lights - Mert Tolay Remix

Ternary Recordings





Track Information:

Hot off the mark, Artifi coming on Ternary Family for first stunning release on this year with "The Lights'. With the Ternary Recordings sound written all over it, this track is sure to cause a stir within the Uplifting Euphoric reaches of the spectrum. Original Mix starts out with a rolling bass line, leading the melody slowly in a very melodic saxophone in a breakdown lifts your spirit up high, leading towards the uplift that soars above the heavens. The main chorus keeps you feeling as if you're in heaven with warm pads and soothing melodies, in addition to bass kicks that keep you moving ! Turkish "boss" Mert Tolay making a cool remix on this Ep and which to be honest, pure perfection times in track. Sit back, hold on and enjoy the "Old Times" Ternary's target always new talents and future, new talented names always coming Talent Room Ternary Recordings.

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Label: Ternary Recordings
Genre: Trance
Release Date: 2014-08-04
MP3 320kbs$ 1.57
WAV$ 1.86