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B Side - Original Mix






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bicho (aka BICHO and 3ICHO) is back with another two track EP of thudding, unrelenting techno music. 'My Room' features two tracks of dark warehouse techno. If you like what you hear, the El Salvadoran producer has made tracks for LABEL before, as well as The Seed and Straight Up!, all featuring his fierce, heavy style. 'My Room' is the first in the LABEL series called CE. CE, short for Collaboration Edition, features a single piece of cover art put together by two different visual artists. The first edition features artwork by Josh Mace of Sequel Sound and Joshua McAllister of LABEL. 1 My Room (Original mix) 2 B-Side (Original mix) All songs written, produced, and mastered by bicho Artwork by Josh Mace and Joshua McAllister Josh Mace appears courtesy of Sequel Sound Administrative, legal, and A&R by Matt Novakowski (p) & (c) 2017 Label cat. no. LABEL06702 - all rights reserved Twitter: @whatislabel Instagram: @thisislabel

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Label: Label
Genre: Techno
Release Date: 2017-04-21
MP3 320kbs$ 1.54
WAV$ 1.83