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Nothing Can Hold Forever - Original Mix

Pro B Tech Music

Deep / Tech House (Minimal)




Track Information:

Bowyer Hawks - Special Breed EP Pro-B-Tech Music 1: Special Breed (Original Mix) 2: Nothing Can Hold Forever (original) Cat: PBTM044 Exclusive Release Date: 6 June 16 "Bowyer Hawks" is our latest edition to the "Pro B Tech" stable and an artist providing a great variation to our label sound. "Bowyer Hawks" ("Fredrik Hagblom") is an active DJ / producer from Sweden who produces a unique tech driven sound with transient touches. He first started his journey with electronic music whilst studying photography in New York in the early 90's. He was fascinated from his experiences and activity from clubs such as Nels, Mars, The Tunnel, MKs and Save the Robots. This inspiration pushed him along to record / release his first track with production partner "Parker" in 1999 under the name of "DJ Fred and James Hands". And he continued to co-produce additional releases under the same moniker. His first release under the name "Bowyer Hawks" landed in 2008 titled "New Dawn" on French imprint ""Original Bass". He since went on to release on his own LAW Recording's" including an album titled "21st Century Wolf" and continued to release through an array of other good labels. As a DJ his he's held residencies at Pajaro 13 and Vibeport in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain), Ritual in Seville (Spain), REHAB in Malmö (Sweden) and continues to play regular. Getting into the tracks we start off with the EP title track " Special Breed". What we have here is a very tech house style rhythm based production. The bassline has that cool Detroit'ish sound that resonates through the speakers. There's also a bit of NY vibe to the track with a spoken voice sample effected in a great way before we get in some bleepy synth work that gives the track a deeper edge. On a whole its quite dynamic as it grooves along nicely. Next up "Nothing Can Hold Forever" which follows suit to a degree with super tech house percussions and rhythms. This track has real deep and an almost spooky feel to it. There's a really nice chime sound running through most of the arrangement, which enhances the overall depth to the track. All reactions / feedback appreciated

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Label: Pro B Tech Music
Genre: Deep / Tech House (Minimal)
Release Date: 2016-06-20
MP3 320kbs$ 1.64
WAV$ 1.95