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Interceptor - Original Mix

Pharmacy Music





Track Information:

Hot on the heels of Christopher Lawrence's massive success with his first EP Navigator on Scotland's prestigious Hook Recordings... comes the double A side Interceptor / Geoscape which was his second single for 1997. The A-side Interceptor demonstrates how diverse Christopher's talents are with a new take on traditional trance sounds. Deep hard driving bass tones and uplifting synth lines keep the dancefloor stomping and the head spinning. Danny Howell loved the 'wicked drum loop' which helps gives Interceptor it's banging energy. London's Tag Records described the EP as 'Terribly good...YET AGAIN' while WAX magazine describes it as 'Absolutely nail on the head. WICKED!!' The tune was huge in the U.K. with DJs caning the tune at clubs such as Jakkara, Democracy and Sublime. The AA-side Geoscape takes you on an intense techno trance journey which Sublime's Idge describes as a 'Take me there, leave me there and don't ever stop type of track.' Described by the U.K's DJ Orange Peel as 'proper hard trance', the track is one long crescendo that never stops building. Beginning with a bubbling bassline and erupting with a growling acid line, this track peaks with a fiercely breathtaking climax. Yet another fine release from what Mixmag describes as "one of the finest trance labels on the planet".

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Label: Pharmacy Music
Genre: Trance
Release Date: 1997-09-01
MP3 320kbs$ 1.53
WAV$ 1.82