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Anxiety (Original Mix)


Techno (Techno)




Track Information:

Since Third Son's inception of his label, Polymath, we once again see how such a truly innovative form of label releases build upon his incredibly unique musical concept. Commissioning a set of artists to showcase their own perceptions of set themes, with previous motifs being Nostalgia, Sanguine, Apathy and Melancholia, 'Anxiety' closes this year's series with Anii and Darlyn Vlys offering two truly powerful yet distinct takes. Starting with Darlyn Vlys, and his portrayal of the theme, the Frenchman creates a predominantly percussive piece. He alternates considerably between a pounding and bassy kick line with a reverby and flat sounding drum pattern, almost imitating the sounds of anxiously led footsteps. Over the top, bells and chimes are chopped and placed against heavy bass patterns and huge snare rolls that truly portrays his notion of anxiety. The difference in Anii's perception of the emotion once again shines upon Polymath's innovation with such a playful and creative theme. She opens the piece with a pounding bassline and elongated lingering synth line, layering slowly a plethora of sound effects and synth interludes which continue to multiply, expand and ultimately infiltrate the mind in creating a real sense of everlasting suspense. These percolating upsurges of intensification are skilfully rounded off with Anii's use of stereo, creating a true surrounding and intimate sense of anxiety.

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Label: Polymath
Genre: Techno (Techno)
Release Date: 2017-12-29
MP3 320kbs$ 1.64
WAV$ 1.95