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Sigma Phi - Original Mix

Alter Ego Progressive

Trance (Progressive)




Track Information:

Daun Giventi takes a bow with a truly remarkable and refreshing debut EP to open his account on Alter Ego Progressive with some true music for the soul for release 164! The Daydream EP marks the beginning for the talented American who treats us with a truly unforgettable slice of powerful yet poignant tones which will be sure to land him firmly on the map! Daydream is a glittering journey through progressive symphony that draws you in from the first bar with glitchy rhythmic undertones, tension building sequences, silky percussion and big room atmospherics! The breakdown makes its presence introducing itself with real beauty! Rich and seductive pianos lull along with angelic atmospherics, taking you through layers of golden dreamy sonic clouds before letting rip into one hell of a climax! Don't miss this one! Sigma Phi sits patiently on the flip with its big room beats, crisp and assured undertones and groove that will light up any stage! Powerful and emotive chords strike in the breakdown along with a subtle but very catching melody that engages instantly!

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Label: Alter Ego Progressive
Genre: Trance (Progressive)
Release Date: 2014-12-08
MP3 320kbs$ 1.53
WAV$ 1.82

DJs Supporting: 2