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Just Cruising


Ambious Records


January 19, 2018



Track Information:

DR. 1MORE's Just Cruising EP is a bouncy body of work and an ode to the old-school, with what can only be explained as funky, bass-infused, jazz-stab hip-hop and house. The EP's opener, 'Chasing Dreams', is a bassy house number with soulful vocals and a beautifully sampled melody loop - perfect for the daytime. Next up, 'Dirtbin Stroll' is a bouncy walk through gloomy soundscapes, accompanied by a house cut that stays true to the groove that the genre was built upon. In the album's leading track, 'Just Cruising', DR. 1MORE shows us where 90s hip-hop and R&B would be today if explored with the same musicality - some serious funk in this one. 'Sunday Blues' wraps up the album with another groovy house track that would go down on dance floors from Khayelitsha to Berlin. Altogether, this is an album perfect for listening when you're Just Cruising. Follow DR. 1MORE Facebook: Soundcloud: @onemore_exse