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Fall of Berlin - Original Mix


Techno (Techno)




Track Information:

Subspec welcomes rising production team Ecilo and Teddy Crawfurd hailing from Bali, Indonesia to the family with their two track EP 'The Fugitive.' Title track 'The Fugitive' is a slow tension builder made from modulating stabs and chords overlaid on a framework of insistent drum programming. 'Fall of Berlin' finds its inspiration in the near melodics of Detroit Techno - insistent rhythms and chord washes. The Fugitive EP brings to life a vision of rust belt futurism focused through a distant lens to create something new for the discerning DJ looking for the perfect sunrise poking through the warehouse windows one-more-track vibe.

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Label: Subspec
Genre: Techno (Techno)
Release Date: 2018-02-13
MP3 320kbs$ 1.65
WAV$ 1.96