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The Bearded Man (Armada)





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They say The Bearded Man got a touch so good… So good… Make you never wanna leave… So don't… So don't… On second thought, maybe that was Selena Gomez. Damn it's tough to keep all these stories straight sometimes. If you want to hear THOSE stories, check out our other blog: That's where we dish all the latest gossip! But for now, we'll stick to The Bearded Man. So, what happened. Well let's see… Umm… For one thing, The Bearded Man ate a pizza. Yeah that was pretty cool! Yep, pizza and some TV. Some good old-fashioned television. Not bad, not bad, right!? Ok, then what? Well, he picked up his dry cleaning, and that's a REALLY funny story, cuz the dry cleaner lost his tag number, but then he showed her his ID and she was able to find his clothes, so it wasn't really that big of a deal in the end. Hmm… Oh yeah! Later last week The Bearded Man got a parking ticket for staying too long in 2-hour zone, but he successfully argued that he was only there for 1 hour and 45 minutes and got out of it! Hell yeah!! WOOO! Great story bro. Great story. And that about sums it up. What? What were you expecting? In his world, it's all about the MUSIC, not the stories. If you can't accept that, just leave!

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Label: The Bearded Man (Armada)
Genre: Electronica
Release Date: 2016-05-17
MP3 320kbs$ 1.53
WAV$ 1.82