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Yin & Yang - Original Mix

Aerospheric Records





Track Information:

AR003 : Yin & Yang EP This EP takes our souls between Yin & Yang. We gonna travel into Asia especially in a special tribe with the first track. These asiatic vibes works well with the Franck's Aerospheric touch. This electronic EP is a modern kind of deep music balancing between a Chinese Melodic, Deep Techno & Progressive Aerospheric feeling, the sound evolves and when we hear the last guzheng, we have a huge smile! ADVICE : In the different breaks parts, you can jump everywhere then listen Yin & Yang track to calm down yourself and relax with the positive vibrations. Dream Better Aerospheric Records

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Label: Aerospheric Records
Genre: Techno
Release Date: 2014-04-12
MP3 320kbs$ 1.67
WAV$ 1.99