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Weekend - Original Mix

Stamina Records

Hardcore (UK Hardcore)




Track Information:

Keeping things fresh and forward thinking comes the 10th offering from Stamina Records! Launching the EP label leaders A.B & Douglas hook up with the inimitable vocal talents of the one and only MC Obie to rework Haywire's UK Hardcore anthem 'Weekend' - with dancefloor devastating results! Ditching old and tired formulaic freeform in favour of intricate percussion grooves, unique and unexpected sounds and crowd-captivating epic melodies, this remix cements the new style of Stamina as a futuristic free of form force set to shake things up! Over on the flip and Haywire brings a total fusion of Hardcore Underground 5 approved upfront UK Hardcore vibes, super subsonic driving dub bass, twisted tear-out acid and a huge hands-in-the-air riff that combine to create one seriously original club anthem! Aimed at the mainfloor but with enough oomph to cut it in any slammin' set, 'Weekend' sets Stamina apart as able to straddle the balance between unique underground beats and dancefloor friendly club-bangers. When the music's this good - we will not conform to one style!

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Remixer: A.B, Douglas & MC Obie
Label: Stamina Records
Genre: Hardcore (UK Hardcore, Vocal)
Release Date: 2012-10-22
MP3 320kbs$ 1.64
WAV$ 1.95