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Cooling Down - Samvel Remix

D.MAX Recordings





Track Information:

Erik Iker, born in November 1988. in Belgrade, Serbia. First time he came into contact with music was as only a boy, when his dad played his record collection. Later in the 90s he gets in touch with electronic music, listening to Faithless, Scooter, Prodigy and others. His music breakthrough happens in 2002. when he goes underground, meeting psytrance and trance for the first time. While more and more listening to these genres, he gets an idea to start mixing of his own and gets his hands on his very own first Fruity Loops Studio and starts creating music. At first time just having fun, he gained much experience in producing. In 2006. he decides to slow his beat and under the influence of Deep Dish, Sasha and others he starts producing progressive house. Until 2009. he learned quite a bit working in FLS. While he was watching tutorials,reading artist blogs and following their studio work online, his production got much better and could be considered quite serious. In 2010. he starts producing with a wish to do something more.His genre can be described as Progressive House with strong melodies, always a good atmosphere at hand, mixed with some trance elements. Under the influence of his fellow DJsin Serbia he also starts producing Tech House. Loving the slower tempo, nice grooves, noise, melodies and stong energic tracks, a lot can be expected in the future from Erik. Wish to do something more will always continue to prevail. Ikerya Project is the second project of Erik Iker, producer from Serbia. Genre can be described as Uplifting Trance. Desire to produce Trance came to life while listening Psy Trance. He got to know the rules of Trance and rules needed to create melodies. In 2006. he gets his hands on Armin Only DVD, and in that moment great love towards Uplifting Trance was born. Slowly forgetting about Psy Trance, he starts going forward to so called Euro Trance. From 2006. to 2010, while listening many Uplifting Trance artist, Erik learns a lot about Trance producing. He gained great inspiration while following numerous Trance radio shows, he decides to put Ikerya Project into motion. Producing many tracks in fast speed, inspired Erik sends his tracks to many underground labels. Some of his tracks will be released in summer 2011. Ikerya Project is a pretty new project, but inspiration and desire to become one of big names in Uplifting Trance dont lack. Original Mix One of the rising producers atm arround tranceland. Making himself a name over the last weeks and moths with stunning releases on own tracks and on remixwork. We are proud to give him a home for this lovely track with such a melodical attitude that you quickly recognize his remarkable sounds. Enjoyable from the first seconds of the track this one will make his way through your ears and mind. Samvel Remix Established already on our label on several productions he is now back on remixduties for the lovely original. Grabbing the signature elements from the original track and bringing his very special touch over it and create such a mindblowing production. going and going until we hit into this melodic breakdown. Surely a moment to reset yourself and just enjoy these fine sounds.

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Label: D.MAX Recordings
Genre: Trance
Release Date: 2013-08-05
MP3 320kbs$ 1.50
WAV$ 1.78