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Silvermoon - Original Mix






Track Information:

Next release will be an 'oldschool' track from Infinity that was originally written and produced back in 2006, eleven years ago! Nick Karamalakis aka Infinity, also known for his side projects HpsyV and Progenitor, will take you on a progressive and melodic trip, clearly with his typical morning recipe, to the days where life was 'calm', careless and innocent. Music lover from his early youth on genres like rock, metal, pop, experimental, Greek rock and off course psychedelic, Nick opens his hard drive disk and brings to the light one of his favorite mixes of that era, 'Silvermoon'. 'Silvermoon' is a unique footprint of 'initial' production skills and 'previous' ideas that where inspired during the summer of that same year. Surrounded with fat kick-drum and bassline (pretty decent for that time), clean percussions and hats, the track smells summer. The vibes will draw attention and the final riffs will put a 'melancholic' smile on your face. If you are fan of Infinity's classic morning and melodic style, then make your order and enjoy the looseness!

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