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Outside World - Original Mix

Totally Ardcore Records

Hardcore (UK Hardcore)




Track Information:

J.K.O returns to Totally 'Ardcore for his second release, this time with an EP showcasing two of his latest freeform tracks. DREAMWORLD - The first track 'Dreamworld' begins with a kick and percussion, which incorporates quirky bleeps and stabs and the 'Dreamworld' sample. A hard and dirty bass leads into an uplifting freeform riff, which is full of rushy synths and lots of energy. The beautiful piano breakdown flows into a euphoric lead with lots of sweeps, a rider and snares to build it up and take it into it's powerful first drop. Appropriately named, this track has a dreamy feel that takes you on a journey with lots of different twists. This is definitely a track to get the crowd rushing! OUTSIDE WORLD - J.K.O's second track on this release begins with a darker trancecore feel. There is an element of suspense at the beginning of the first breakdown, before it flows into the main freeform riff, and incorporates a sample from the 1998 anime classic 'Akira', (which was also used in the Sunbeam track 'Outside World'). A flanger effect is used to build it up before it kicks back in with the drums and percussion. With additional breakdowns to follow, this track flows well, is well produced and is perfect for any freeform lover.

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Label: Totally Ardcore Records
Genre: Hardcore (UK Hardcore)
Release Date: 2016-08-12
MP3 320kbs$ 1.66
WAV$ 1.97