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Absolution - Original Mix

D.MAX Recordings





Track Information:

My first adventure with dance music started in 1994 when I heard Scooter, Mark'Oh, Westbam, Marusha, RMB and others... It was a new experience for me, and I was sure that dance music would become a part throughout the rest of my life... In 1999 I became interested in producing Trance music in particular. All my spare time was spent for the music. It was difficult in the beginning, as music was a whole new chapter in my life, however; the more intensly I worked at it, the easier it became. Now, music has become a very big part of my life, it has a very big influence over the daily routine and now I know that life would not be the same without it..... Its amazing for me that every day gives us new discoveries and new fascinations. Many people think that Trance is the most melodic genre from all of the electronic music genres (and I have to say that I agree with this opinion 100%) Music fills almost every moment of my life. ..... Original Mix Already had some releases together on different labels we are now proud and happy to show you those two talented german producers here on our imprint with this exciting track. Euphoric and driving right from the first seconds of this production this track will make his way through your mind. This is what we call euphoric trance with a smooth breakdown part and those pumpin sounds on top. Brett Wood Remix Another debut here on the release on our imprint. Already been on remixwork and own tracks on other labels he is now here to show you his skills and love for uplifting euphoric trance. Delivering a really driving production right from start with sounds that make you go and wont let you go until the track has ended. Grabbing the original parts and putting his magic on top.

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Label: D.MAX Recordings
Genre: Trance
Release Date: 2013-09-02
MP3 320kbs$ 1.50
WAV$ 1.78

DJs Supporting: 1