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Ethereal - Ikerya Project Remix

Pulsar Recordings





Track Information:

Mark Rustell returns to Pulsar Recordings with a track as sublime as its name indicates. Ethereal is an enchanting tune featuring a driving bassline that spins around the listeners and hypnotizes them as a soft melody slowly comes out from below, taking the lead in the breakdown, accompanied by heavy atmospheric pads. In the uplift, a rising synth slowly sings its way to the top, only to collapse and bring out a kick that teases its way towards a drop, where the synth returns to continue its melodic journey. But the trip isnt over, with another breakdown where the emotional melody comes out once again, before the synth fights its way back out and into another drop that comes in full force. The Ikerya Project remix is a more energetic tune, with a punchy, fast-paced kick and a very acidic synth line that dances its way along, before an equally acidic and powerful melody shoots its way to the top. The breakdown in this version is a lot more emotional, with a heart-felt piano melody that moves forward slowly, before the kick and synth overpower and crush it down, rapidly lifting the listeners towards the heavens.

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Label: Pulsar Recordings
Genre: Trance
Release Date: 2013-08-07
MP3 320kbs$ 1.55
WAV$ 1.84