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For You - Original Mix

Delaforce Recordings





Track Information:

Release 034 NicolaR - For You For our release 034 we present a gorgeous original song by NicolaR, 'For You'. This brand new song from NicolaR is more than enough to fulfil with its marvellous sound this new release. The pure uplifting baseline performs the initial progression together with some brightful piano notes. This way we reach the breakdown, where a peaceful atmosphere embraces us deep into a very soft and beautiful pad. After a short walk above the clouds, and in an incredible subtle way, the melody comes back adding more and more tension until the climax is reached. But everything is carried out in a very soft way, letting the purity of the soul to shine above the rest of the sounds, and revealing how incredibly mystic this song is. We face a flawless gem indeed, where an untold level of beauty will rush into our brain since the very beginning, taking this song to the top of the amazing wonderful masterpieces. Huge job by NicolaR!

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