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Nemesis Recordings Digital

Drum & Bass (Neuro, Techstep)




Track Information:

ONE87 brought his first set of records when he was 10 years old and started to DJ when he was just 15. Solid break beats and Big bass lines were the things that attracted him most to music, so then he started playing JUNGLE which later became DRUM & BASS music and the rest is history as they say. If you did not know about ONE87 this guy has been at the forefront of bass orientated music from the birth in Belgium and beyond.After doing his first party way back when with ED RUSH & FIERCE in 1996. He then went on to open FRIED CHICKEN RECORDS and also around that time created one of the biggest and best nights in Ghent Belgium called STAR WARZ. In 2008 ONE87 started producing his own music and has had many releases on such heavy hitting labels such as CRITICAL MUSIC and VAMPIRE RECORDS. Now he spreads his wings even wider with his brand new spanking album on NEMESIS RECORDINGS called CLEARANCE! Here we see us delve deep into the mind of ONE87 as he takes us on a mysterious and magical tour of deep heavy bass and dark breaks and sci-fi soundscapes that take you away into the next dimension. Starting off the show we have ACE with its rolling drums and out of there samples. CLEARANCE is a sure favourite for you deep heads out there as this one sways like a tree in the wind with grace. DARKO is another gem of a track where we see the pace of the album pick up and get you on your feet moving and grooving! GALAXA comes in with great ease as old school flavours and spaced out sounds hit you right between the eyes! GLIDER makes you feel like your floating on air, then if that's not enough we get the mighty sounds of GUNSHIP to broaden your horizons even deeper. More Killer tracks are on the album that take shape in the form of LIFTED, SUBATOMIC, ULTRAWORLD, VEMOM FUNK and also make sure you check out the massive remixes of CLEARANCE from the likes of SILVER and DUBPHIZIX and the mighty GRIDLOCK graces us once again to NEMESIS RECORDINGS. ONE87 is one to look out for as he keeps giving us hit after hit with his deep pace and style to his music, and here on his first ever album he shows us why he will be a key favourite in the drum and bass movement for years to come. Out in April 2011 at all good record stores across the land far and wide!

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