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Midnight Feelings - Original Mix

JayClectic Music

Deep / Tech House




Track Information:

JayClectic Presents Pharrell Moran known as a Dj in his home town Pharrell is now sharing his vibe with the world with his latest releases with JayClectic Music. Midnight Feeling is a Deep House Vibe layered with sexy horns and deep pads that take you on a late night trip to the dance floor. The release also hosts the track Behind The Window with its driving Live Bass and haunting synths this track will have you peeping and looking to see whats Behind The Window! #ahouseyourbodyexperience 1. Pharrell Moran - Midnight Feelings 2. Pharrell Moran - Behind The Window Keyboards & Piano Solo: Pharrell Moran Drum & Percussions: Pharrell Moran Synth Bass: Pharrell Moran Mixed by: Mr. Eclectic and DjayL of JayClectic Music Mastered By Mr. Eclectic @ JayClectic Music Studio, Reisterstown, MD. Publishing: JayClectic Music Steve Shaw: Nice EP, Behind The Window the stand out track for me, will be supporting, thanks

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Label: JayClectic Music
Genre: Deep / Tech House
Release Date: 2018-02-09
MP3 320kbs$ 1.64
WAV$ 1.94