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Abracadabra - Ikerya Project Remix

Edge One





Track Information:

After the massive support received from major artists on the original track, Pizz@dox decided to give his euphoric and emotional orchestral uplifting tune to Ikerya Projectwho lately has impressed trance fans with his latest EP on Abora's main imprint and many remixes on various different labelsto be remixed for a more clubby crowd. Ikerya Project strikes hard with a deeper, more driving remix, with a darker, edgier, more twisted underlying bassline, even while accentuating the euphoric lead and haunting child choir. Ikerya's remix emphasizes, in a powerful way, even more the original idea, which managed to conquer not only the dance floor, but also the hearts of uplifting fans. Stay tuned and keep an eye on this young talent.

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