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Escape From Reality - Original Mix






Track Information:

'Escape From Reality' is the debut Single from Plastic Reality aka Konstadinos Kourouklidis and its for those kind of people who need a good survey of pure progressive trance music. Let your imagination float towards new dimensions, catch yourself in a 'circle' where emotions are combined and disclosed, where sadness confronts joy and desire counteracts doubt. Based in Thessaloniki/Greece, Plastic Reality makes another strong 'entrance' into our scene with a deep, morning tune that everybody (probably) will love. Colorful melodic riffs, morning invitations, sweet driving kick-bassline and emotional story combined with crispy synth shots, effects and vocals is what you'll get from this new single pack. Another great and upcoming artist from Greece that makes us proud to release his music. Stem mixed and mastered by Infinity-Tunes. Escaping Reality is your next move! Grab it and start your journey!

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