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Summertime Fling - Original Mix

Faites Leur Des Disques

Techno (Techno)




Track Information:

A summer night in the old city of Panama ciudad, a sky view bar in front of the magnificient lightened skyscrappers. A lots of coktails, a faboulous internanional mingling, people are dancing and dancing to the sound of the DJ on the decks : 'Present lover'. As an apology of the night, a brillant latin house song is burning the speakers making everyone moving their bodies and lifting hands up. Which song is it ? we must know . - 'Hello Mr Dj' - '....' True story : This is how summertime fling is out now on 'faites leur des disques' and remixed by Infaam Konijn from Pig&Dan's label 'Elevate'.

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Label: Faites Leur Des Disques
Genre: Techno (Techno)
Release Date: 2018-02-05
MP3 320kbs$ 1.56
WAV$ 1.86