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Give Me Your Heart - Original Mix

Rotation Deep UK

Drum & Bass




Track Information:

Rotation Deep RD0011A - Pro Luxe - Give Me Your Heart Rotation Deep RD011AA - Pro Luxe - Give Me Your Heart (Lostlojic Remix) Promo Release Date 29/3/12 Release Date - 12/4/12 Pro Luxe - Give Me Your Heart I think we can safely say that Pro Luxe has successfully captured our hearts with this track... PRO LUXE dominates the classic contrast of pitches: high vs low. The fragile bass line against the higher pitched vocal line lets the nostalgia fill the senses; the beauty of this production technique must be innate! RIDDLING the intro are magnificent quick - fire rhythms that build up the that almighty bass drum: instant gratification in its finest form. The pulsating pads fill the gaps creating a brilliant rhythmical section until the heart melting drop forces you to wipe sweat from the brow. WATER droplet melodies slip and slide around the ears like little audible specs of ingenuity. Give Me Your Heart - Lostlojic Remix .... LOSTLOJIC presses his personality into the mix; big pumping bass lines, little vocal snippets that glorify the original into a totally different vibe. THE halftime, off - beat drums react perfectly in conjunction with the bass creating a magically deep set of sounds; chemically fused to merge into a f***ing fantasy! LOSTLOJIC has used his skills to turn the already brilliant track from Pro Luxe into an equally experimental, bass tune. FANTASTIC production comes to the fore - front of the mind when listening, simplicity really is sublime when done as well as this! NO need for too many frills and sparkly bits! Review by Alisdair Mason & Jack Smith (Urban Essence) Join The Group Page On Facebook to Find Out The Latest News and Forthcoming Releases On Rotation Deep Uk !!! Aim:RotationRecs

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Label: Rotation Deep UK
Genre: Drum and Bass
Release Date: 2012-04-12
MP3 320kbs$ 1.53
WAV$ 1.82