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Flare - Original Mix

Sorcery Records





Track Information:

Sorcery Records are very pleased to release an exciting new EP by a producer who has been long absent from their roster. Formerly known as Pavel Polyakov and now going by the name of Progman Pavel, this producer is back with 2 edgy new progressive tracks called Flare and Fusion. The first track, Flare, opens with catchy rhythms which Progman Pavel works into a dirty groove fleshed out with stabby chorded synths and a simple melody. Its a foot tapper! The second track, Fusion is a progressive mix with electro vibes, supplied with snappy percussion, driving beats and a simple melodic line and features a dirty bass riff and stabby synths.

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Label: Sorcery Records
Genre: Trance
Release Date: 2016-06-28
MP3 320kbs$ 1.65
WAV$ 1.96