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Cubic - Original Mix

Frost Recordings (RazNitzanMusic)

Trance (Progressive)




Track Information:

The Rafael Frost star continues to rise as we bring you his latest offering here on Frost Recordings. Coming off recent hits including ‘Drive’ and ‘Never Been Hurt Before’ with Ana Criado which both charted in the Beatport Trance Top 10, the man of the moment keeps the ball rolling with his new track ‘Cubic’. To say Rafael is perfecting his art is an understatement as he once again delivers a storming production complete with that Trademark Frost sound. A slightly more progressive feel to this one but still plenty of energy to get the dance floor moving and an electric atmosphere to really set the vibe. Enjoy and Play LOUD! WWW | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | WWW | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | WWW | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE |

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