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Fest - Original Mix

Seres Producoes

House / Electro




Track Information:

Raul Bryan real names Kgotla Bryan Keitsemang from Thamaga ,Botswana is a 23 year old house music producer and DJ His music career began at the age of 19 after he discoverd his passion for music so his talent.Since then he started growing the skills and also expanding the steps from nothing to something. So far Raul has worked with lables such as Khawa recordings ,Open Bar Music (Usa) and Seres Produções (Angola) .His skills have attracted Djs such as DJ Sk,Benny T,Tcm and DJ Oats. Around 2015 the song "How Can I be broke" have impressed some of the local Charts and places around Uk.Towards the end of 2016 he combined with Benny T to release an Ep known as "German Africalism Ep Part 1" Under Open Bar Music and it touched many souls and the track "Zahlen" by Raul & Benny T was charted by one of the best selling artist of all times, Hyener and one of the best South Africa producers Eltonnick.

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Label: Seres Producoes
Genre: House / Electro
Release Date: 2017-03-03
MP3 320kbs$ 1.57
WAV$ 1.86