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Ma Baby - Lucas Rezende Remix

Crossworld Vintage

House / Electro




Track Information:

Most recently, Sean Jay Dee has teamed up with Excentric, the popular Romanian blues and funk band featuring the renowned vocal talents of Canaf, and it's proving a very fruitful collaboration, both in the studio and on stage. 'Ma Baby' is the latest instalment with Canaf's majestic voice soaring above a driving house soundtrack. Reflecting the full spectrum of the Crossworlder sound, an extensive remix package has been put together covering several styles of modern dance music. With the release of 'Ma Baby', increasingly demand for his DJ skills and growing international recognition for Crossworld, Sean Jay Dee is poised to spread the love and bring his sound to a global audience. The Original Extended Mix plus a great soulful turn over from Lucas Rezende can be described as only a small taste of their work, that has been heard of to cover the electronic music spectrum in all its sumptuousness. Start searching for all the hidden remixes throughout the 'Crossworlder Music Group' and find the ones that fit your taste.

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Label: Crossworld Vintage
Genre: House / Electro
Release Date: 2012-04-05
MP3 320kbs$ 1.65
WAV$ 1.96