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Infrasonics presents the second part in Spatial's three-part series Emergence, encompassing music and digital art. Early support has come from Machinedrum, A Made Up Sound, Mosca, Mumdance, Ekoplekz, Hodge, Ben UFO, and Beneath among other DJs. Focusing on the progression of intensive rhythmic phrases arranged in multiple layers, these rhythms seek an active neurophysical response by experimental means, as opposed to familiar patterns derived from genre. Both pieces are emphasised and systematically developed in the bass, to outline a narrative assimilable in terms of basic neurophysical functioning preceding musical understanding. In terms of generalised meaning, "Reanimator" is primarily characterised by an alertness to the emergence of new possibilities, as well as suggesting a desire for experimentation in fields with ambiguous potential. "Tensegrity" is characterised by a mood of tension in response to a large but otherwise unknown event rapidly approaching. It is further characterised by the difficulty involved in strategizing in the face of uncertain conditions. Emergence part 3 is forthcoming later this year.

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Label: Infrasonics
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 2016-03-11
MP3 320kbs$ 1.56
WAV$ 1.85