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Feel The Noise - Original Mix


Trance (Psy Trance)




Track Information:

Synsine strikes back with a second single for Infinity-Tunes called 'Feel The Noise'. Don't you think there's something strangely musical about noise? Manuel Thanai aka Synsine and based in Italy, is devoted to the idea of developing his own 'noisy' style and making a contribution to the progression of dance music. His 'pulses' can described as a special 'impact' with experimentalist ideas, expressing trance in new, different directions. Crazy effects, funky synthesizers and cluby vocals are combined with punchy drum phrases and a fat kick bass line, all tied up in a 'trip' story for open minds and 'different' cultures. A triplet speedy-track with the full rush of a psychedelic sound that you can NOT miss!

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