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Catharsis - Extended Mix

New School Recordings

Trance (Tech Trance)




Track Information:

NSR034: Tyler Michaud - Catharsis New School Recordings label boss Tyler Michaud is back with another new intensified single entitled 'Catharsis'! Catharsis takes you through a wide range of electronic and organic sounds; on a journey up and down the deepest and darkest winding emotional roller-coaster of blood-boiling melodies and electric bass drops - giving New School fans an experience never presented or heard before. "The efforts going into the project were absolutely tedious, but ultimately extremely rewarding - I've been in the studio pulling my hair out everyday trying tons of new things, experimenting and learning a lot, more than I ever thought possible!". Tyler makes this comment after virtually a 2 month absence of communication with the outside world. He adds, "Sometimes isolation from everything and everyone is truly how I am able to derive my best ideas. Let's push things as far as they can possibly go, and let's see how much I can twist an ordinary sound into something completely unordinary and ultimately unique. To do this I need to by hyper-focused on my current project with no distraction." Catharsis comes with a fully downloadable *exclusive to Beatport* remix package for those producers out there who want to know the full inner-workings of the track. You can choose to buy just the club mix - or, sink your teeth into the full package by picking up the release as an album. The album comes with the club mix, extended mix, and all the remix parts - at a very discounted price!

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Label: New School Recordings
Genre: Trance (Tech Trance)
Release Date: 2012-01-25
MP3 320kbs$ 1.63
WAV$ 1.94