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Pornoganda - Original Mix

Born2Porn Records

Techno (Hardcore)




Track Information:

Born2Porn Records , for this first release Ulrich Van Bell ( Canadian Hard Techno / Trance Producer ) present the Fetish sound of the future . . . Before listening this track . . . We think it's vital you take the time to set the perfect environment and state of mind in order to live what people tripping experiment on this music. We often forget the importance of the vibe created when choosing a Producer/DJ. Why listen to a track in a hurry or in between a crazy day ? We all know the moment and time you hear electronic music will change and distorted your opinion and experience . . . If you are ready to surpass the traditional way of choosing music for events, please buy this track and put it on your social wall , if not, please do so when ready !! All Best Born2Porn Staff

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