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Ethereal - Original Mix

Colorize (Enhanced)

Trance (Progressive)




Track Information:

Marko & Nikita's Tandem project though young, has already seen an incredibly successful release in the recent 'Distant Promises', receiving airplay across the board on shows such as Above & Beyond's 'ABGT' & Tritonal's 'Tritonia' - now it's time for their next effort, 'Ethereal'. Again featuring seriously lush & deep elements which ooze warmth, 'Ethereal' produces vibes aplenty. Rippling, ethereal chords, driving bass and a deluge of atmospherics - 'Ethereal' brings yet another supremely rounded and classy production from the Serbians, which also Wowing the world all over again, Vintage & Morelli's Tandem project is back and supplies yet another incredible production.

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