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Darker Mojo - Original Mix






Track Information:

'Mutiny' is the third digital EP for Infinity-Tunes from the French artist Jesse Vankerrebrouck, already known from his previous releases 'The Call' and 'Radioactivity'. Wrank's unique style of samples movement and synthetic melodies has already attracted the minds of listeners and this fresh studio work is cutting new boundaries in cyber trance exploring other dimensions of mechanical Fx and psychedelic landscapes. Nice, sweet kick-bass lines, tight arrangements, hard synth 'bullet' shots and punchy drum-rhythms makes this package a very important tool for the Djs and fans. 'Mutiny' was written and produced by Jesse over the last months and it is a major step forward by him, both by sound and production. The quality is better than ever and the mastering procedure was done by Plus Six Mastering. Wrank's strike will be 'strong' and we are ready for it! The question is.. Are you?

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Label: Infinity-Tunes
Genre: Trance (Psy Trance)
Release Date: 2017-03-06
MP3 320kbs$ 1.56
WAV$ 1.86