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Exclusive DJ Awards Interview: Doorly


Reported by MattTID on October 13, 2020

We sent Joost "Toast" Veerman to the DJ Awards at Pacha, Ibiza to interview Doorly.

Here's how it went.

Congrats with the nomination!

Thank you very much!

You were part of the Space Ibiza closing how was it?

It was messy, so busy! I played the opening event as well and it was really magical and fun, also due to that it was the last opening ever! DJ’s were playing serious sets, since the time was so short, every single track was picked carefully. Everybody wanted to play ‘that special track’. Moment after moment, was fun and great! We stayed there for six hours, I’ve grown up there over the years. It’s the start of a legend, it’s not the end of an era. The new club is going to be great as well. I see it as evolution of the island, so I am looking forward to it.

In your bio we read that you've been an Ibiza resident for 11 years. What are the biggest changes music-wise and to island life in general?

Well, the first time I came here, I was privileged to have been working with the Ibiza Rocks crew. My first season I came as resident, the second year I was the booker/programmer for them. We luckily got the chance to try out new things, because with a brand like this it’s more about live music. So we started from ‘Money Mission’ doing all that crazy non-sense like Elrow does right now. That has been done back then as well. When live music started kicking off a bit we needed another outlet, so we started a more electronic night with ‘We Are Rockstars’ (WAR). First with dubstep and drum and bass, then we got Disclosure in for example. Nowadays we have more grime. The change is really interesting, it goes so fast that one season can change the scene and as soon as ticket sales go up, the bigger clubs like Amnesia pick it up as well and spend money tobring it up on a bigger scale. Obviously the EDM wave took over the island as well..I think it’s great because nowadays we have a big scale of genres around. You can go for anything you want!

Pacha - DJ Awards 2016 - Julius Jooste - Best of

Doorly and friends, seem to take over important stages at different festivals. What is it like to be able to travel around with them and play?

It’s a dream come true to be honest. I started my career playing 7 hours a day 7 days a week in a bar, where I literally had to play a few hit records two or three times a night. This was back in Huddersfield. My dream was to throw my own parties, where I could pick my own music..where I never had to take requests, although I don’t mind requests. However, I just wanted the people to come and see me because of my musical choice. ‘Doorly and friends’ is now a celebration of that. It’s great to play with friends that I trust by my side. There are no expectations on our night’s music wisel, it can go in everywhere. It’s more about the vibe to our parties, this makes it an awesome feeling to be able to express what I like to say through music. I’ll never get numb to this feeling and bringing my friends around on tour is like of honour.

From Huddersfield (UK) to Los Angeles since 2012, how's the life of a Northener in the big old US of A?

Maaaan, it’s different. This guy from a little town..most of the people never leave Huddersfield. They get married, a house, kids and they just stay. Most of my friends are there. Now I was launched into all those 20K mansion parties, it’s like a crazy ride and easy to be sucked in.  Seen a few friends go down the drain, the whole lifestyle is crazy. I’ve lived there for four years and it’s brilliant to be there and probably after Ibiza the most important place be. A lot of deals are getting done in LA. You’ll get into crazy situations quite easy with just a little bit of fame to be honest. If you can hold your own, it’s a great place to make a name for yourself. However, I am looking forward to settling down in Ibiza this winter with the love of my dreams. Here I can relax between all the touring.

[We cheers to great season with the drinks new drinks that came to our table]

A little local knowledge question now: Did you know that it is illegal to lick a toad in the City of Angels?

Haha! I do actually. I never did it though..can’t really recall why I do know, but probably somebody brought it up one day (laughing).

Last but not least - Trump or Clinton?

Sorry? Trump or Clinton? I mean, come on man really? Did any other DJ’s say Trump or Clinton really? I don’t know anybody who would say Trump..

Ok, you may also choose Bernie..

Obviously Bernie! Can I also choose Arnold Schwarzenegger? He was a great ambassador, a kind hearted person. You trusted him, he wasn’t just about money-making politics. What a nice place it would be with Arnold and Bernie in charge wouldn't it?

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Label: Trackitdown Bundles
Genre: Deep / Tech House
Release Date: 2020-10-15
MP3 320kbs$ 13.67
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DJ Awards 2016 Results

Bass DJ - Amine Edge & Dance

Big Room House - Hardwell

Breakthrough - Anna

Deep House - Black Coffee

House - Claptone

Electronic Live Performer - Matador

Electronica - Jamie XX

Ibiza DJ - Mr Doris

International DJ - Carl Cox

Tech House - The Martinez Brothers

Techno - Carl Cox

Trance - Armin Van Buuren

Newcomer - Mihalis Safras

Special Awards

Cutting Edge - Function One

Electronic Music Pioneer - John Acquaviva

Iconic Club Award - Space

Ibiza Music Event - Mosaic by Maceo Plex (10 Key Spots in Ibiza)

Ibiza Night - Woomoon

International Festival - Awakenings

Producer - Emanuel Satie