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TID:Pro - Designed for DJs

TID Pro is the new membership account designed for DJs!

Becoming a TID Pro Member brings huge savings on MP3 and WAV singles reducing them to cost price of £0.63 per MP3 and £0.79 per WAV.

These massive savings will allow you to buy more of the music you love whilst continuing to support the artists and labels as they receive the full amount after taxes. 

How Much Does TID Pro Cost?

Pro Membership costs £10.00 per month. Your card is automatically billed each month unless you cancel your subscription and you can cancel at any time.

What are the benefits?

Any customer who buys more than 35 MP3 files a month will save money after paying their Monthly Membership fee. For those who buy substantially more than 35 tracks the savings quickly add up, allowing you to buy more of the music you love.

How much money can I save?

An average customer buying 10 tracks a week would save around £15.00 per month depending on whether they buy WAV files or MP3. To look at that another way, they could buy 15 or more extra tracks each month with the money they are saving. If you are an existing member, visit 'My Account' and select the Pro tab to find out how much you would have saved last month.

Did you know...?

Did you know about the huge savings to be made by signing up to TID:Pro?

If you were to purchase 40 WAV format tracks a month, then you could save $ 22.25 by signing up to TID:Pro, enough of a saving to get an additional 15 tracks even.

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Total Cost of 40 Tracks in WAV format $ 89.21
Track Cost for TID:Pro Members $ 52.99
Plus the Subscription £ 10.00
Total for the Month $ 66.96
Total TID:Pro Saving $ 22.25


Is every file included?

All singles in MP3 and WAV format are included. Bundles, Albums, Top 10's and Sample packs are not covered. From time to time exclusive tracks will be made available and these may be slightly higher priced but will still represent a saving from standard pricing.


Terms & Conditions ::

The following terms apply to members of TID Pro In addition to our existing site terms and conditions found here :

  1. TID Pro Membership is offered as an extension to our A-la Carte download service and is billed on a monthly basis with no minimum contract term. 
  2. You may cancel your Pro Membership at any point however your membership will cease immediately with no refund for any remaining days of your membership. 
  3. Members will automatically be billed on a rolling 30 day cycle from the day membership was initiated. Payment will be taken from the same payment method used when signing up. 
  4. If your payment method is declined when trying to take payment your membership will be cancelled immediately. 
  5. TID Pro membership benefits are subject to change at any time. Members will be notified of any changes to membership via email. 
  6. Trackitdown Ltd reserve the right to withdraw the Pro Membership at any point. If the service is cancelled all members will receive a full refund for the current months membership.
  7. If you have taken advantage of a ‘Free Trial’ account, a test payment of £10 will be charged and then reversed within 4 hours. Your first month will therefore be free of charge and billing will not commence until you begin the second period of your membership. You are free to cancel your membership at any time during the free trial.


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