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Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: Paolo Martini


Reported by Nick Trackitdown on December 20, 2020

This week TID's Matt Durstan catches up with Italian house supremo and Snatch! records champion Paolo Martini, to talk about BPM, changes to house music and his exclusive guest mix this week for us on Ibiza Sonica Radio. 

Hi Paolo

Thank you for talking to us today.

First why not start by telling our readers where you are at the moment and what you are doing.

Hi to all, at the moment I’m set up my new studio in Verona, selecting some music for my next gigs and listening to some new demos for my label Paul’s Boutique which will be re-lunched next year, so quite busy! ;)

You've just played on our Trackitdown show via Ibiza Sonica Radio next week, how do approach your radio shows compared to your club appearances?

Well, in this case I chose the tracks taken from your store that I feel at the moment and will try to build up a sequence that makes sense to me … I chose some classics as well but they didn’t fit properly in the mix even though I loved them, maybe next time ;)

Snatch Records have had a fantastic year including releases from yourself and your production partner Paul C among many others so what releases are you looking forward to in the coming year?

The label, which is doing great, has just released a collaboration we made with boss Riva Starr called ’Keep on’ as part of a Sampler coming out before a compilation which includes both unreleased tracks and some of the best releases on the label this year, in fact the compilation is called ‘The best of Snatch 2016 selected by Paul C & Paolo Martini’. It’s divided in two parts, one mixed by myself and the other by Paul C. After that we’ll have a new release together on Snatch! at the end of January called ‘Touchdown EP’ .

What would you say has been your biggest highlight from 2016?

BPM Festival in Mexico was a great one amongst many others, we are looking forward to come back over there in Jan. 2017 as well with 2 shows…one with Snatch! and the other for Roger Sanchez’s Undr The Radr, it’s gonna be fun!

As it’s coming up to New Year’s Eve how will you be spending it?

I will be playing in my hometown Verona at ‘Palazzo della Gran Guardia’ which is an historical great location in the centre of the city in front of the legendary ‘Arena’. The location looks great and is going to be a special thing (they rarely rent the structure for a musical event), after that I’m doing an after hour in the early morning on a rooftop hotel terrace with a limited capacity of 400 people, so it’s going to be a more intimate party but full of energy. Ah, the promoter rented all rooms, just to be sure that nobody is gonna complain about the volume ;)


And what one record would you play to guarantee the crowd goes off at the stroke of midnight?

I will be probably still at dinner at midnight as my first set starts at 2am, but usually if I play at midnight there’s no doubt that I would play a classic tune.

The House scene has changed greatly since the early days of Bini & Martini, what would you say has been the biggest change in the scene since then? 

Wow! The scenario is completely completely different, we can talk about it for hours but if I can reassume it the biggest change is that at the time people used to BUY, the music is FREE today as the new generation assumes that it’s kind of normal not to spend any money for the music..also, another big change, is that at the time the DJ used to play to promote his record, today the DJ has to make a record to promote himself … kind of funny, isn’t it? I made a lot of records without putting my name on them, it wasn’t necessary because the rules were different..if you were a good DJ you didn’t necessarily need to make tracks but today everything has changed..for me the approach to make tracks and to be a DJ is completely different and very often the experience makes the difference.

House is a constantly evolving genre, with new sub genre’s emerging all the time, so what sounds have you noticed in 2016 that you think will be the sound of 2017?

No particular ones..Music is like fashion as in my 30 year career I saw all kind of genres born and die and then coming back after few years, refreshed thanks to the new technology …for me music has no genre but it’s divided into 2 categories: good music and bad music, whether it's techno, house or deep let’s keep good music alive!

Finally after a busy year what does the future hold for Paolo Martini?

After spending 4 intense years producing tracks together with Paul C, we decided to come back to our roots and also concentrate on our own solo careers and productions, so 2017 will be a year of some changes for both of us.

Thanks again for talking to us. Thank you!

Interview by: Matt 'Durstan' Tilke 

Listen and buy all the tracks from Paolo Martini's Ibiza Sonica guest mix here.. 

Label: Trackitdown Bundles
Genre: Deep / Tech House
Release Date: 2020-12-20
MP3 320kbs$ 14.70
WAV$ 16.90

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